Alls fair in love and walls..

Tickets are now available for the secret walls all star battle, kicking off on the 19th of November.

for those not in the know the rules are pretty simple: two teams of artists faced with a blank art board and armed with only black markers are pitted against each other to see who can come up with the best piece of art in 90 minutes, kind of like a underground fight-club ( minus the violence. )





This month I've taken on the challenge to draw a new piece of artwork everyday for inktober, here's a taster of what I've done so can take a gander at the whole set on my instagram page




As I was sketching out a raven, two crows happen to be outside the ledge of my window having some kind of conversation! :S

Few days later.....

I was taking pictures of the same illustration I did and this happened.....


I'm being watched!

CLICK ON THE LINK to have a look.... Freaky!

Open and Live NIGHT

some pics of  the final "Open and Live" art session I took part in with graffiti artists Kaes and Core246 at the Juno Bar, Shoreditch..big thanks to street art atlas for the photos!


Open and Live

This Thursday 27th August I'll be doing live art at the Juno Bar, Shoreditch.

Alongside artist @tonyboydrawings and@jaycaes.

So come down for drinks, awesome music and FREE LIVE ART!